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Are you ready to start your career in lashes? Helen offers fully accredited and insurable eyelash extension courses! From classics to Russian to her signature look masterclass, whatever you’re looking for she has you covered! 
It is important to remember that the training you decide on is an investment in yourself. Becoming a lash artist is hard work and although I can give you the skills, the tips tricks and all the information you need to become a qualified lash technician I cannot put in the hours of practice which will be needed in order to achieve your best possible potential. All LBH Training courses require you to complete a live model on your day of training before you can obtain your qualification. Once you are qualified you will be able to take out insurance straight away and begin your lash journey. Please note you must be at least 16 years or older in order to enrol or complete any of the LBH Training courses.

Beginners Classic Lash Course 

- One Day Course 9:00- 16:00

- Fully Accredited and Insurable 

- No pervious experience needed 

- Group training £425 Includes kit worth over £100

- 1:1 training £525 includes kit worth over £100

- £100 Non refundable/Non transferable deposit required to secure your place 

- Beginners manual included put together by myself including all my tips and tricks

Semi permanent individual training is the first step to beginning your lash career. This is an intense 1 day training where you will learn all the basics of how to apply eyelashes using the 1:1 method. I will also go over all my signature tips and tricks which will help you along the way. I cover everything you need to know about lashes from how to use and store your glue, correct direction and placement, chemical burns and how to avoid them, and lashing pregnant clients. I will cover how to market yourself, how to gain and keep clientele and how to promote your business in the best possible way. 

You will receive your qualification on the day after you have completed your live model. However if I feel like more practice is needed before you qualify I will ask you to complete at least 3 case studies before you can receive your certificate. 

 Russian Volume Course 


- One Day Course 9:00 - 15:30

- Must already hold classic lash certificate 

- Fully accredited and insurable 

- Group training £425 includes kit worth over £100 

- 1:1 training £525 includes kit worth over £100

- £100 Non refundable/Non transferable deposit required to secure your place 

- Russian volume manual included put together and written by myself including all my tips and tricks 

I usually recommend that you gain at least 4 weeks experience in classic lashes before you take this course. However if you have NOT trained in classics with me I usually ask that you have at least 6 months experience before taking this course, as most ‘standard’ lash courses do not cover or teach lots of the skills you need in order to achieve your full potential. You must be confident with isolation therefore I recommend practicing as much as you can and working on this technique so you are ready to focus on handmade Russian fans. 

I am OBSESSED with fluffy fans and thin bases. I never use pre made fans or easy fans and I pride myself on delivering the correct training and using the correct tools so my students can create their own Russian volume handmade fans. During the day I will teach you my technique on how to achieve this yourself! I will go through all my tips and tricks I have learnt along the way in my own lash journey. 

You will receive your qualification on the day after you have completed your live model. However if I feel like more practice is needed before you qualify I will ask you to complete at least 3 case studies before you can receive your certificate. 

Fast Track Combined Course

- No previous experience required 

- Learn both classic and Russian volume lashes over 2 intense training days

- Full kit included for classic and Russian volume application

- 2 Fully accredited and insurable training courses

- 2 certificates provided

- Group training £799 - includes full kit

- 1:1 Training £899 includes full kit 

If you’re wanting to complete classic and Russian volume training you can now learn them both in classic & Russian fast track course. 

The combined course is both the beginners lash training & Russian training taught over 2 days. 

Advanced Master Class 


- Must already hold classic and Russian volume lash certificate

- 1 day intense training 9:00 - 15:30

- 2 wispy lash maps taught

- Bottom lashes taught 

- 1:1 training £525 includes lash goodie bag

- Group training £425 includes lash goodie bag

- Certificate of attendance included 

This is an advanced master class for technicians already qualified in classic and Russian volume who want to perfect their skills and learn a new lash maps. You must be able to complete a set of Russian volume at a good steady pace and be able to make your own fan confidently.

During this day you will learn my ultimate signature lash map ‘The Russian Mix’ I will teach you how to create thin bases and wide fully fans to perfect all your sets. I will also go through individually anything you are struggling with/need more advice on. My aim during the day is to ensure everyone gets the 1:1 time they need. 

You will complete a live model on the day and once training is complete I will show you how to take professional photos and how to get the best lighting to get the most from your pictures. 

A small lash goodie bag is included in the master class. All students  will receive a certificate of attendance upon completion.


All courses come with a fully accredited and insurable certificate. If you lose/damage your certificate and require a new one there will be an admin fee of £25.

All students who complete accredited training will be provided with a full training kit with everything you need to start your lash career worth over £100. Please note the masterclass DOES NOT include a kit.

Beginners Accredited training kits include:

- 2 X Lash That Doll lash trays

- 1 X Pre made fan trays 

- 1 X 3ml bottle of lash glue 

-  Pack of 100 Lash that Doll Crystal lash wands 

- 1 X Application & Isolation tweezers 

- 1 X Lash That Doll lash cleanser 

- 5 X Lash That Doll Under eye lash pads 

- 1 X Micropore tape

- 1 X Lash sponge

- 1 X Jade stone 

- Glue rings 

- 1 X Cream remover 

- 10 X Lash map stickers 

-  1 X Reverse mirror 

- 1 X Pink face mask 

- Pack of 100 Lash cleanser wands 

- Pack of 100 Micro fibre wands

- 1x Lash Primer 

- 1x Pink tape dispenser 

- Pack of adhesive stickers

- Tweezer Cleaner 

- Electric fan

- Pink hand held love heart mirror 

All training takes place at Lash That Doll the address is 281 Nottingham Road, Mansfield NG18 4SE

All training days are held in small groups with a maximum of 5 students, this allows me to work closely with you ensure that you have my full support on the day. 

To book a training day you can contact Helen directly via her instagram @lashedbyhelen or through her email a £100 non refundable or transferable deposit will be required upon booking which is then taken off the total amount payable. The remaining balance is then due on the day in cash.   

Due to COVID-19 all models and refreshments must be provided by yourself. Models for training must not be pregnant and over the age of 16. Models will be required to arrive at the salon for 12:30 with a clean face, this means no makeup, moisturiser or fake tan. 

After training online ongoing support from myself will always be available. You are not on your own once qualified, anything I can help you with I will and any questions you have for me after the training I will do my best to always answer. I want to see you lash career thrive so I am always welcoming to seeing all of your progress pics! Don’t forget to tag me @lashedbyhelen in all of your photos so I can see your progression! 


Price with kit £550 (excluding shipping)

Price without kit: £450 

Level up your lash skills from the comfort of your own home. The international strip lash masterclass has been designed for students over seas who cannot get to the masterclass due to COVID-19 restrictions.

An in depth 3 hour training class designed for advanced Russian lash techs who want to add dramatic looks to their lash menu. The international masterclass covers 2 of Helens most requested strip lash looks and includes an easy step by step manual of how to create both lash maps. 

Helen will cover marketing techniques, business skills, pricing, social media management and not to mention all her tips and tricks for the lash industry. 

The Wispy Lash (left) & The Russian Mix (right) both taught on the international strip lash masterclass.