About Us

The story behind Lash That Doll  - founded in March 2019 by Helen Miller and Keeley Varcianna. 

Our most common question asked by our Clients,  ‘Did you know each other before lashes?’ Yes, We were friends before our journey began in lashes together. 

Helen and Keeley, two lash technicians from Nottingham with a combined experience of over 10 years in the lash industry came together in 2019 to create the brand they both use and love ‘Lash that Doll’ Their aim was to bring out an affordable yet luxury brand to the industry. Lash that Doll exceeded all expectations in the first 6 months of sales. Due to such high demands the product sold out time and time again. This gave the girls a platform to grow and develop the brand so that they could build their reputation internationally. 

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