Do I need a patch test for eyelash extensions?

  • Eyelash glue is cumulative, which means a reaction is more likely to build up over time rather than in a one-off full set. Even if you have a patch test it will not give you the same exposure as a full set will. Therefore this means you could still have a reaction even if a patch is carried out. In our opinion here at Lash that Doll patch tests are inaccurate and inconclusive. However, the option to have one is always there if you choose to do so.

How should I clean my eyelash extensions?

  • Washing your lashes with the Lash that Doll cleanser will kill any bacteria, remove oil build up which causes the glue bond to be weaker, keep lashes strong and healthy, stop lashes matting together and will mean longer retention. This means washing your lashes will make them last longer!

Can I get my eyelash extensions wet?

  • The answer to this is yes, however you CANNOT get your extensions wet for at least 24 hours after the application. if you fail to do this the glue bond will be weakened, causing your lashes to fall out faster. After 24 hours has passed you can get your eyes wet as normal. 

How do I book an appointment with @lashedbyhelen or @lashdollnottingham?

  • You can book direct with @lashedbyhelen through Instagram or email lashedbyhelen@gmail.com
  • You can book online with @lashdollnottingham by following the link in her bio.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

  • Depending on your lifestyle and aftercare a full set of lashes can last anywhere between 2-5 weeks. If you are only ever having infills we recommend coming for an infill every 2 weeks.

How many sets of lashes will I be able to do with one tray of Lash that Doll lashes?

  • Depending on your technique you can usually do between 6-10 sets per tray.

Is Lash that Doll vegan-friendly?

  • Yes, is the answer to this question, Lash that Doll only uses synthetic products making all our extensions safe to use for vegans.